ABOUT VirginVoters.com.au

VirginVoters.com.au is the voice for first time voters in Australia, and the most innovative social media commentary on any Federal Election.

banner-aboutThis is the online and social media platform where 840 000* young Australians who will vote for the first time this year can express their thoughts on the election campaigns, the politicians, the politics, and the policies.

VirginVoters.com.au is a-political and empowers young Australians with knowledge, equips them to share their thoughts and opinions to all of Australia, and allows them to decide which issues are important to their future.

It empowers all Australians with everything they need to know about voting in Australia, steps through the voting process, and enables first time voters to make an informed decision when they vote.

On VirginVoters.com.au, you can:

  • Watch our weekly online television program featuring young Australians who are voting for the first time from every state and territory,
  • Read articles written by students from all around Australia,
  • Learn about every registered political party,
  • Find out everything you need to know for Election Day, and
  • Join the VirginVoters Voicebox to participate in surveys that will tell Australia what first time voters think about the politics and policies**.

8 first time voters will be selected as ‘Featured VirginVoters’ and will appear in the weekly TV show, on this website, in social media, and possibly in the news and in media interviews.

We’re looking for one person to represent their state or territory.  If you’d like that to be you, join the Voicebox and select the television box.


Read our Privacy Policy here.

* source: AEC Elector Count Survey Dec 2012 (18-19yrs + 50% of 20-24 yrs)

** You must be a first time voter in a Federal Election to join the Voicebox.


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