Consumer Rights & No-Tolls

  1. No Tolls,logo-consumer-rights-and-no-tolls-2016 No Sell-Offs – End tolls on roads, and keep essential services in public ownership.
  2. End Fluoridation of our Water – this is forced medication, based on flawed research and is damaging to our health.  See
  3. No Increase in GST or Medicare Levy & No Carbon Tax  – make large corporations and the rich pay their fair share of the tax burden by closing tax loopholes, rather than taxing ordinary Australians more.
  4. Rescind ‘No jab, No pay’  – where there are risks associated with any medications we have the right to say ‘No’ without discrimination, and to have a genuine choice in health care by allowing access to natural medicines and complementary medical practitioners through Medicare.
  5. Abolish Credit Card Surcharge Fees – stop companies from charging extra if you pay by credit card.
  6. Reform Political ‘Donations’ & Cut Politician’s Salaries & Perks – political donations are corrupting our democracy.  Further, it is obscene that a ‘normal’ MP earns ~ $200,000+ per year, while the median Australian wage is under $50,000.
  7. Protect Our Civil Liberties  –  Right to free speech;   Maintain an Independent ABC;   encourage participatory democracy by holding referendums on important social issues.

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