Online Direct Democracy – (Empowering the People!)

logo-online-direct-democracy-2016“First time voters should vote for Online Direct Democracy because this is also the first time we are taking voting online and offering people the chance to vote on every bill or just the issues affecting them directly, with a simple Yes or No tap on their phone. The majority vote is then taken straight to Parliament, something we are sworn to do and their voice is not only heard but counted! It makes Politics more engaging when we know we have a voice in Parliament!

Online Direct Democracy is bringing Politics into the 21st Century, providing transparency, direct democracy and honest representation, eliminating any need for protesting, lobbying, referendums, even eventually ballot boxes, costing us billions!

Young voters can once again engage in Politics knowing their votes will count and let’s face it, we are online all the time its easy.

With our platform PollyWeb, its as simple as being on Facebook, so lets get the word out and Vote 1 for ONline Direct Democracy! If you would like to support our campaign, funded only by the people we represent, here’s the link to our crowdfunding Campaign: ODD Crowdfunding!

Authorised by A Der Sarkissian, 39 Maliwa Road, Narara, NSW 2250.


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