Parties Appeal To First Time Voters using Video and Social Media.

Parties contesting this Federal Election have produced a series of videos featuring party leaders reaching out to first time voters encouraging them to consider and vote for their party.

The videos are part of a push by to help educate and inform first time voters on all of their voting options.

“All parties were invited to supply us with a video featuring their leader speaking to first time voters,” said Richard Attieh the executive producer of “The parties who have responded are showing they do not take the first time voter for granted.”

The parties who have produced a video and supplied it for broadcast on are:

•  The Greens
•  Smokers Rights Party
•  Stable Population Party
•  Animal Justice Party
•  Australian Independents Party
•  Australian Protectionist Party
•  Family First
•  Liberal Democrats
•  No Carbon Tax Party

45 out of the 53 parties (including those listed above) are also profiled on the Parties page.

The videos are available on the Watch page of the first time voters website on, and will be profiled in social media over the weekend and throughout election week (next week).

The social media site will also post ‘vox pop’ videos featuring first time voters in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia answering questions including:

• Who are you going to vote for?
• What do you turn off politics?
• What do politicians have to do to win your vote?

The videos can also be viewed on the YouTube Channel or by clicking on the parties listed above.

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