Animal Justice Party

logo-animal-justiceAnimals are an important part of Australian lives. They bring us companionship, protection, guidance and joy; they benefit the environment; and they enhance our learning in many areas that benefit society.

More than 80 per cent of all decisions made by parliaments and councils around Australia impact on the lives of non-human animals, however these animals have no representation in any of this. The result is that despite the clear contribution of animals, they are subject to some of the worst brutality imaginable on farms, in the wild, in puppy mills, in our towns and cities, in entertainment and sport, and in research.

Animal brutality has become all pervasive and the Animal Justice Party (AJP) seeks to change this by having representatives elected who will bring a different perspective to policy and practice that will enhance animal well-being.

The AJP was registered as a political party in 2011 and will stand candidates for the Federal Senate election in five jurisdictions. High on our list of priorities for the 2013 election are:

  • Ending the live trade in animals;
  •  Ending factory farming;
  •  Ending the slaughter of native animals, including in particular the kangaroo; and
  •  Closing puppy mills.

Support the Animal Justice Party on your Senate ballot and help give animals a voice in Australian politics.


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