Australia First Party (NSW) Incorporated

logo-australia-firstAustralia First Party is a nationalist party standing for identity, independence and freedom.

It would have Australia exit the New World Order system in a world of free nations where we do not participate in foreign wars.

The party campaigns for an end to immigration, visa labour and refugee intakes on mixed cultural, economic and environmental grounds.

The party believes in assisting developing countries to curb population and would extend assistance to achieve that goal.

It demands the reintroduction of industrial and agricultural protection – a domestic market for Australian products in a system of full employment.

It proposes a right to Citizens Initiated Referendum where people can directly propose legislation.

It would bring privatised assets back under public control and create a system to extend the benefits of Australia’s natural wealth via free medicine, university education and other social benefits to all Australians.

The party symbol is the Eureka Flag which we fly alongside the National Flag.
Australia First Party has candidates for the NSW and Queensland Senate, for Chifley, Cook, Lindsay, Macquarie, Newcastle and Riverina in New South Wales and Deakin (Victoria) and Port Adelaide (South Australia).


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