Australian Christians

logo-australian-christiansAt Australian Christians we are unapologetic about basing our policies, and core values upon Judeo-Christian heritage.

Honesty and Integrity: WE BELIEVE that the pursuit of truth is vitally important to this nation.

Hope: WE BELIEVE that if we all work together and do what is right, Australia will have a bright future.

Respect: WE BELIEVE that marriage, families and the intrinsic value of human life from its beginning to end, should also be respected and valued.

Moral Law: WE BELIEVE that the purpose of the law is to ensure that we can live in peace and harmony and to restrain behaviours that harm the community’s wellbeing, as well as to protect personal freedom.

Freedom: WE BELIEVE that these freedoms are vitally important, and flow out of our mutual respect for one another. Some of these freedoms are under threat and we will fight for the retention of these and other freedoms.

Justice: WE BELIEVE in justice for all.

Sacrifice: WE BELIEVE that everyone in our society should be committed to some level of personal sacrifice in order to develop social cohesion and unity.


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