Australian Greens

logo-greensThe Australian Greens are the leading voice for a more caring society and protecting the environment.

The Greens are guided by four principles: caring for the environment, treating everyone equally and compassionately, strengthening our democracy, and working for a peaceful future.

We have a strong record of standing up for these principles in the parliament.

It’s the Greens who have pushed for:

  • marriage equality
  • cutting pollution and encouraging renewable energy
  • compassionate treatment of refugees
  • free dental care
  • reduced opportunities for petrol sniffing
  • greater protection for our national parks
  • a fairer tax system.

We’ll continue to stand up for these principles in the next parliament where we will aim to:

  • reverse the disastrous funding cuts to universities and single parents
  • protect Australia’s unique environment and wildlife from industrial development and mining
  • ensure Indigenous Australians are recognised in our Constitution
  • pass legislation to allow same-sex couples to marry.

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