Australian Labor Party (ALP)

logo-australian-laborThe Labor party believes in investing in growth and opportunity for all Australians to deliver a stronger, smarter and fairer Australia.

Labor’s commitment to fairness at work, access to quality education no matter what a person’s circumstances and a firm belief that we should all have the same opportunities in life underpin what we do.

Labor has always aimed to, in the words of former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam:
 “Promote equality, to involve the people of Australia in the decision-making processes of our land, and to liberate the talents and uplift the horizons of the Australian people.”

Labor is committed to opportunity and prosperity for all Australians by delivering reforms for the future from a position of economic resilience.

When the toughest global economic conditions in more than 75 years hit, Labor got it right and kept Australia from going into recession.

Throughout our history Labor has been synonymous with fairness.

Whether it’s in the workplace, at home or ensuring society’s most disadvantaged get a fair go.

It has guided the party in delivering major reforms for Australia such as Medicare, the abolition of WorkChoices, compulsory superannuation and the introduction of Labor’s DisabilityCare.


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