Australian Motoring Enthusiasts Party

logo-australian-motoringThe Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party is a senate-only party promoting the preservation of our rights and freedoms with minimal government interference.

Australians have always believed in the ‘fair go for all’ principle, but our rights are increasingly diminished by knee-jerk legislation designed to pacify the extremist do-gooders at the expense of all others.

We believe in transparency of government, and we believe that legislation should not impinge on our right to participate in our chosen lifestyle.

It is time for change, a change that will reflect the interest and wishes of ALL Australians from the youngest to the oldest; a change that recognises the value in our youth and the contribution they will make in our future.

Do you want the right to drive the vehicle of your choice without fear of harassment from authorities?
Do you want access to national parks for four-wheel driving and camping?
Do you want the right to live your chosen lifestyle with minimal interference from government?

The Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party believes in the people of Australia and their right to live their chosen lifestyle whilst maintaining the integrity of our future for the generations to follow.


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