Australian Sex Party

logo-australian-sex-party-2016The Australian Sex Party is a progressive party, championing personal freedom and equality. Our policies are based on evidence, not on ideology. Seriously, check them out.

Australian Sex Party founder, Fiona Patten, was elected to Victoria’s Legislative Council in 2014, and has already made a mark, stopping harassment and intimidation outside abortion clinics, and setting up an enquiry into end of life choices. She currently has drug law reform and taxing the church in her sights, and we’d like to bring these policy gems to the rest of Australia.

In 2016, we’re aiming for the Senate, to push for overdue legislation, such as voluntary euthanasia, legalising cannabis, and taxing the church. We will stand up for science, education, the environment, and basic decency, like marriage equality. Seriously, how did we get to 2016 and still not have marriage equality?

We’ve worked hard to give you a party that will work with others to get results, whilst remaining authentic, and not watering down its policies. We stand for a compassionate, educated, and progressive Australia, and we’d love your support.


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