Bullet Train for Australia

logo-bullet-trainHey there,

I’m Tim Böhm the president of the Bullet Train for Australia Party, our party is a single issue party devoted to getting High Speed Rail for Australia.

Imagine this:

Sydney to Newcastle – 40 minutes?
Sydney to Canberra – 57 minutes?
Sydney to Melbourne – 3 hours?
Sydney to Brisbane – 2.5 hours?

Stations at: Wagga, Central Coast, Shepparton, Port Macquarie, Casino, Gold Coast, Coffs Harbour, Southern Highlands and Albury/Wodonga

As most Australians know we have been waiting for over 30+ years for High Speed Rail and the major political parties aren’t any closer to making it happen, because of this we decided we can not rely on the major political parties. So we will be running Bullet Train for Australia candidates in the up coming federal election. Our success in the upcoming election is crucial in seeing High-Speed Rail in Australia within the next 5 years not 50+ years. If the Australian people don’t get behind Bullet Train for Australia at this election we may never see High-Speed Rail in Australia.

We honestly feel we are Australia’s best chance of getting high speed rail happening in the next 5 years not 50 years or never.


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