Christian Democratic Party

logo-christian-democratic-party-2016Welcome, and congratulations on becoming a new voter.

If you are a Christian, or appreciate the benefits of Christianity, we represent you. Being the only Christian political party, you can be assured that we can be trusted with your vote.

We support policies that promote Christian values, are supportive of family values, protective of children’s rights (including the unborn), and policies that are protective of Australian values.

We are the only parliamentary party in NSW that will always be in favor of marriage being between one man and one woman.

Marriage and families are intertwined, and every child should have the opportunity to have a mother and a father.

We are strong supporters of public funding for religious and independent schools.

Families should be assisted, through a school voucher system, in sending students to wherever they think is the best school.

We support environmentally sustainable methods of agriculture and mining.

The CDP also encourages local communities to take responsibility over the local environment, and to give local people to authority to make local environmental decisions.
See you on Election Day.


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