Citizens Electoral Council of Australia

logo-citizens-electoral-council2016Two issues subsume all others, which the CEC alone is addressing:

· ­the deepening economic crisis in Australia and the world;
· ­the danger of Australia being drawn into a war with China ­and Russia.

Australia has record foreign and household debt; we are losing our productive industries, such as car and steel manufacturing; real unemployment is at least 11 per cent; and our banking system faces wipe out when the property bubble inevitably crashes. The global financial system is a powder keg of bad debt, which underlies the very real threat of WWIII as the same US and British decision makers who committed us to the regime change fiascos in Iraq, Libya and Syria that created ISIS, are now escalating against China, Russia and their BRICS partners.

For 28 years the CEC has fought as an independent political party for the principles of the common good and national sovereignty, in economic and foreign policy, which are needed today.

We’re fighting for a just world economic order based on respect for national sovereignty, and the principle of peace through economic development—that nations collaborating on mutually beneficial economic development projects provides the basis for lasting peace.
The CEC’s election policies are based on these principles.


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