Democratic Labor Party of Australia

logo-democratic-laborThe Democratic Labor Party (DLP) is a political party that believes sound policy is based upon sound principles and common sense that supports the family, small business and the people of Australia.

The DLP is guided by Judeo-Christian values and believes the family is the fundamental social unit of society.

We believe “the foundation  of a nation’s greatness is in its homes”; therefore we advocate policies that strengthen families, that protect human dignity at all stages of life, and that respect human rights and responsibilities.

The DLP actively promotes Australian manufacturing and farming, “a nation is what a nation makes and grows.”

We promote Australian ownership to ensure a truly balanced and diversified economy that promotes the best opportunities for local workers and local business, the economy is there to serve the people, not the people serve the economy.

The DLP acknowledges that the engine room of Australia is small business and farming and it is the major contributor to our nation’s long term prosperity.

The DLP also appreciates the essential role of our defense force, emergency services personnel, health care workers and our educators.

We believe the greatest asset Australia has is its people.

The DLP believes in a fair and just distribution of goods and services and decentralization as the best path for a sustainable future.


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