Katter’s Australian Party

logo-kattersKatter’s Australian Party today intends to change the direction of Australian prosperity through job creation, establishment of infrastructure and support for Australian-owned businesses.

The Party stands against the sale and privatisation of critical State, Territory and National assets – assets paid for and owned by the people of Australia for the benefit of the nation.

“Politicians are meant to be representatives who serve the people who elect them. An increasing proportion of the population are absolutely and correctly sick of politicians who serve their party interests ahead of the wants and needs of their constituency.

The problem is made all the worse by the fact their parties are largely funded by off-shore owned corporations and organisations whose agendas differ from that of most workers and Australian owned businesses.

Katter’s Australian Party is a party that is committed to empowering the real people in our electorates and making politicians work hard and smart for all of us drawing on the best brains in the country.

Our plan for the Australian economy is based on fostering growth in our own Agriculture, Manufacturing and Small Businesses industries.

We seek to restore personal freedoms that have been unnecessarily eroded over recent decades.


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