Liberal Party of Australia

logo-liberal-party-of-australia-2016In this uncertain world, our nation needs political stability and a strong economic plan that creates local jobs and helps families in our community.

We are asking young Australians to back the Turnbull Coalition Team’s Plan for a Strong New Economy. Our Plan is carefully structured to provide jobs, growth and a secure future for local families.

  • An innovation and science programme bringing more great Australian ideas to market and preparing our children for the jobs of the future
  • A defence industry plan that will secure an advanced defence manufacturing industry and create thousands of new hi-tech jobs
  • Export trade deals to generate new export opportunities and give our farmers a competitive edge
  • Tax cuts and incentives for small businesses and hard working families
  • A sustainable budget with crackdowns on tax avoidance and loopholes
  • Guaranteed funding for health, education and roads

Only the Coalition can form a strong and stable government with a clear plan for a strong and growing economy, while the alternative of a possible Labor-Greens minority government is a recipe for chaos.

Our Plan will help local families and businesses get ahead with a sustainable budget that guarantees funding for the services Australian families need, such as health, education and roads.


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