Non-Custodial Parents Party

logo-non-custodialPoem by Bernie J Stewart*

Once I was a father and once I worked for quids,
Once there was a home and not just a house,
And once there was the kids.

I lost the lot my self esteem and my past added up to naught,
I lost my faith in justice on the bench in the family court,
They took away my days of play and the nights I could be there
And in its place they gave me back nothing but despair.

Excuse me please your worship I’ve had to pay my fees
But my ex, the layers and the CSA had brought me to my knees.

I only ask to be there, that’s in my child’s life
I only ask for just as much, as the defacto or the wife
Please give me back my dignity for I’ve done nothing wrong
One day I was a full time dad, and the next I was gone.

One last thing your worship would you please add up the cost?
Of what the price to society will be and what the children have lost.

And if you dare consider what I’m about to say
Because of the choices, just like yours we lose five men a day.


* Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting) uses this poem with permission


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