Outdoor Recreation Party (Stop The Greens)

logo-outdoor-recreationThe Outdoor Recreation Party promotes the benefits of outdoor recreation and protects the rights of those who wish to enjoy the Australian bush.

Generations of Australians have enjoyed the wealth of natural beauty this country has to offer by taking part in outdoor recreational activities such as bushwalking, fishing, mountain-biking, snowboarding and four-wheel-driving. These activities are not only enjoyable pastimes, but promote good health and wellbeing in participants. However, in recent times, thanks to ever-tighter restrictions, lockouts and compliance costs it has become harder and harder for average Australians to access large parts of the countryside.

The Outdoor Recreation Party believes that Australia’s public land should be accessible to all Australians for recreational purposes and actively managed, not locked up and neglected. We aim to counter the political influence of groups that seek to limit public land access to a privileged few. We support the preservation of environmental values with a scientific approach and we view restrictions on outdoor activities as part of a larger problem of excessive regulation, bureaucracy and government intrusion.

Our members include not only 4WD users but also fishers, motorcyclists, motoring enthusiasts, bushwalkers, hunters and sporting shooters, paintball players, skiers, horse-riders, golfers and rural property owners.


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