Pirate Party Australia

logo-pirate-partyPirate Party Australia is a new political party centred on the core tenets of:

  • freedom of knowledge, culture and information,
  • civil and digital liberties,
  • privacy and anonymity,
  • government transparency, and
participatory democracy.

The first Pirate Party was founded in Sweden in 2006, largely in response to a toughening of copyright laws after police raids on the Pirate Bay website.

Shortly after, Pirate Parties began forming around the world and there are at least 40 established Pirate Parties.

Pirates have been elected to local councils, state and national parliaments worldwide, as well as the European Parliament.

Pirate Party Australia was founded in 2009 and has grown from a small group of activists.

We exist to resolve a complete failing of the laws and governance of Australia in the Internet Age.

We represent a generation who have grown up in a connected world where the laws are not keeping pace with change and do not function in a manner that is fair or reasonable, and we live under a political class incapable or resolving that dysfunction.

A new form of democracy is needed for the Internet Age, a renewal of transparency and participation, and new protections for our freedoms and liberties.


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