Rise Up Australia Party

logo-rise-up-australiaRise up Australia Party is for people from all Ethnic backgrounds who call Australia home, who value our freedoms and want to protect our Australian culture and way of life.

The party was founded by President Daniel Nalliah motivated by a great passion to protect Australia, its people, freedoms and way of life.

In 2002-2007 Daniel Nalliah won a world first case for freedom of speech, abolishing at the Supreme Court the Religious vilification laws which threatened free speech.

In 2010 Rise up Australia was birthed with many like-minded Aussies standing up to keep Australia Australian.

The Party hallmark is to end political correctness, speak the truth and to bring back honour in Politics.

Protecting farmers, re-invigorating manufacturing industry and protecting Australian jobs are a key concern for the party.

Ending multiculturalism which is opening the country to the risk of ethnic enclaves and Sharia law is also a key policy we will push for. We will push for a multi-Ethnic Australia.

Fielding 52 lower house representatives and 12 senators across the country, Rise up Australia will aim to take the balance of power away from the greens and restore hope to the nation.


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