Secular Party

logo-secularThe Secular Party follows a humanist and rationalist philosophy that is concerned with the role of religion in society and with government support for religion.

Religious views should not determine government policies. Secularism means support for human rights, not religious rites.

It means freedom of religion but not government support for religion.

Australia funds religious schools far more than any comparable country.

We are concerned that this will lead to future disharmony and division, even to terrorism.

It is a gross misuse of public money.

The Secular Party proposes to abolish funding for religious schools.

This means that far more much-needed money will be available to support the state school system.

While genuine charities should be supported, an enormous amount of subsidies and tax concessions are granted to religious organisations in Australia, whether they are charitable or not.

The Secular Party proposes to change the law so that only genuine charities, that produce a public benefit, receive tax concessions and subsidies from governments.

The Secular Party supports multiculturalism and immigration. Our policy is that migrants be required to respect Australian values of democracy, the rule of law and gender equality, over and above religious law.


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