Science Party


The Science Party’s aim is to transform Australia into a technologically advanced country with a high quality of life for all its citizens and residents. Australia urgently needs to plan for the future economy by investing in infrastructure, education and scientific research, including:

  • Completing a national broadband network;
  • Funding the Gonski reforms;
  • Teaching programming in schools;
  • Doubling research funding to $18.4 bn;
  • Establishing an Australian space agency; and
  • Developing technology to eliminate carbon emissions from energy production.

Economic development and progress can be achieved through through intelligent regulation and simpler, fairer taxes. A prosperous country should be able to provide universal health care and a compassionate safety net for people in need.

Our vision for Australia includes marriage equality and closing all offshore immigration detention centres. We also support increasing Australia’s migration intake across humanitarian, skilled and family reunion streams, to support our aging population.

One of the party’s core principles is personal freedom. As such, we believe the internet should remain uncensored, and mandatory metadata retention should be ended immediately.

The Science Party wants to bring about an open and efficient government with strong whistleblower protections, with policies based on the best available evidence.


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