Smokers Rights Party

logo-smokers-rightsThe Smokers’ Rights Party believes that smokers have been unfairly targeted by all major political parties with excessive taxation, restrictions on smoking and plain packaging legislation. No major party – Labor, Liberal or the Greens – has stood up for smokers and none seem likely to in the foreseeable future.

The Tobacco excise that is collected is more than fifteen times greater than direct costs to the health system and this is unsurprising. Smokers and non-smokers only die once, and whereas smokers are more likely to die of lung disease, non-smokers are more likely to develop dementia which is also expensive to manage.

The economic reality is that without excessive tobacco excise, the billion dollar a year illegal tobacco industry would not exist. Tobacco excise has little to do with public healthcare costs; it is simply nanny statism which supports organised crime.

The Smokers’ Rights Party also supports the right of private property owners, such as club members, deciding their own smoking policy. We respect the right of private property owners to ban smoking on their property, but they should have the same right to permit smoking.

The Smokers’ Rights Party has many non-smokers as members, as we similarly oppose increasing nanny state encroachment in areas such as diet, alcohol consumption and parenting.

Please say no to the nanny state by voting “1” Smokers’ Rights this election.


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